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by on August 24, 2020
Culture, tipping points, normalization of deviance - these are all important areas that can be difficult to define and even more difficult to have conversations that lead to a healthier leadership team and a healthier organization. Dr. Kathy Scott and I write specifically about these topics to help you begin making small changes which will result in a significant difference in your organization. Access the following blog: https://www.l3fusion.com/post/the-word-collection-series-5 for that ins...
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by on May 26, 2020
Written by Kathy Scott, PhD and Bridget Sarikas Has your predictable world been altered into another universe of new and ambiguous expectations? Are you having a hard time living in the mess?  You are not alone. As much as many of us don’t like a boatload of expectations thrust upon us, these expectations create orderliness and predictability in our lives.  To have an expectation is to envision something that is reasonably certain to come about.  Expectations are built into our daily routi...
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